The following links point to the latest version of FreeMat. For older versions (or a complete list), go to the SourceForge download page.

Note that you will need the ffcall and arpack libraries which are not available in Fedora Core 8. They are available at Dries RPM Repository: ffcall and ATrpms: arpack.

For OpenBSD users, FreeMat is included in the distribution:

To install on OpenBSD, run:

root@openbsd:~$ pkg_add freemat

For Gentoo users, Andrey Grozin has indicated that FreeMat is in the mainline. So, you should be able to do:

root@linux:~$ emerge freemat

Note that if you want to build FreeMat on your Linux system, but do not have the required dependencies (or root access), you can try to use this Perl script buildtool. Then just run it as:

root@linux:~$ buildtool /your/home/dir native-freemat

This will download sources for all missing dependencies, configure and build them (including FreeMat). It is still experimental, so please report problems (see the help menu on the side).