STRREP String Replace Function

Section: String Functions


Replace every occurance of one string with another. The general syntax for its use is
  p = strrep(source,find,replace)

Every instance of the string find in the string source is replaced with the string replace. Any of source, find and replace can be a cell array of strings, in which case each entry has the replace operation applied.


Here are some examples of the use of strrep. First the case where are the arguments are simple strings
--> strrep('Matlab is great','Matlab','FreeMat')

ans = 
FreeMat is great

And here we have the replace operation for a number of strings:

--> strrep({'time is money';'A stitch in time';'No time for games'},'time','money')

ans = 
 [money is money] 
 [A stitch in money] 
 [No money for games]