RANDP Generate Poisson Random Variable

Section: Random Number Generation


Generates a vector Poisson random variables with the given parameters. The general syntax for its use is
   y = randp(nu),

where nu is an array containing the rate parameters for the generated random variables.

Function Internals

A Poisson random variable is generally defined by taking the limit of a binomial distribution as the sample size becomes large, with the expected number of successes being fixed (so that the probability of success decreases as 1/N). The Poisson distribution is given by


Here is an exmaple of using randp to generate some Poisson random variables, and also using randbin to do the same using N=1000 trials to approximate the Poisson result.
--> randp(33*ones(1,10))

ans = 
 31 33 34 44 32 29 34 30 32 32 

--> randbin(1000*ones(1,10),33/1000*ones(1,10))

ans = 
 32 36 36 39 33 34 41 33 42 32