RANDNF Generate Noncentral F-Distribution Random Variable

Section: Random Number Generation


Generates a vector of non-central F-distributed random variables with the specified parameters. The general syntax for its use is
   y = randnf(n,m,c)

where n is the number of degrees of freedom in the numerator, and m is the number of degrees of freedom in the denominator. The vector c determines the non-centrality shift of the numerator.

Function Internals

A non-central F-distributed random variable is the ratio of a non-central chi-square random variable and a central chi-square random variable, i.e.,


Here we use the randf to generate some non-central F-distributed random variables:
--> randnf(5*ones(1,9),7,1.34)

ans = 

 Columns 1 to 8

    1.9422    0.5987    0.1890    0.7468    2.3759    8.2553    1.8047    0.2222 

 Columns 9 to 9