RANDBIN Generate Binomial Random Variables

Section: Random Number Generation


Generates random variables with a binomial distribution. The general syntax for its use is
   y = randbin(N,p)

where N is a vector representing the number of Bernoulli trials, and p is the success probability associated with each trial.

Function Internals

A Binomial random variable describes the number of successful outcomes from N Bernoulli trials, with the probability of success in each trial being p. The probability distribution is


Here we generate 10 binomial random variables, corresponding to N=100 trials, each with probability p=0.1, using both randbin and then again using rand (to simulate the trials):
--> randbin(100,.1*ones(1,10))

ans = 
 13  6  8  9 11  9  6  9  7 10 

--> sum(rand(100,10)<0.1)

ans = 
  8 12 10  7 12  4 11  8  9  6