ANGLE Phase Angle Function

Section: Mathematical Functions


Compute the phase angle in radians of a complex matrix. The general syntax for its use is
  p = angle(c)

where c is an n-dimensional array of numerical type.

Function Internals

For a complex number x, its polar representation is given by

and we can compute


Here are some examples of the use of angle in the polar decomposition of a complex number.
--> x = 3+4*i

x = 
   3.0000 +  4.0000i 

--> a = abs(x)

a = 

--> t = angle(x)

t = 

--> a*exp(i*t)

ans = 
   3.0000 +  4.0000i 

M version contributor: M.W. Vogel 01-30-06