Section: Input/Ouput Functions


Plays a linear PCM set of samples through the audio system. This function is only available if the portaudio library was available when FreeMat was built. The syntax for the command is one of:

where y is a matrix of audio samples. If y has two columns, then the audio playback is in stereo. The y input can be of types float, double, int32, int16, int8, uint8. For float and double types, the sample values in y must be between -1 and 1. The sampling_rate specifies the rate at which the data is recorded. If not specified, the sampling_rate defaults to 11025Hz. Finally, you can specify a playback mode of 'sync' which is synchronous playback or a playback mode of 'async' which is asynchronous playback. For 'sync' playback, the wavplay function returns when the playback is complete. For 'async' playback, the function returns immediately (unless a former playback is still issuing).