SETPRINTLIMIT Set Limit For Printing Of Arrays

Section: Input/Ouput Functions


Changes the limit on how many elements of an array are printed using either the disp function or using expressions on the command line without a semi-colon. The default is set to one thousand elements. You can increase or decrease this limit by calling

where n is the new limit to use.


Setting a smaller print limit avoids pages of output when you forget the semicolon on an expression.
--> A = randn(512);
--> setprintlimit(10)
--> A

ans = 

 Columns 1 to 8

   -0.2911   -2.2394    0.7388    0.4197    0.4382   -0.1399    0.9364   -1.8721 
    0.6263    0.5764
Print limit has been reached.  Use setprintlimit function to enable longer printouts
--> setprintlimit(1000)