GETPRINTLIMIT Get Limit For Printing Of Arrays

Section: Input/Ouput Functions


Returns the limit on how many elements of an array are printed using either the disp function or using expressions on the command line without a semi-colon. The default is set to one thousand elements. You can increase or decrease this limit by calling setprintlimit. This function is provided primarily so that you can temporarily change the output truncation and then restore it to the previous value (see the examples).

where n is the current limit in use.


Here is an example of using getprintlimit along with setprintlimit to temporarily change the output behavior of FreeMat.
--> A = randn(100,1);
--> n = getprintlimit

n = 

--> setprintlimit(5);
--> A

ans = 
Print limit has been reached.  Use setprintlimit function to enable longer printouts
--> setprintlimit(n)