FWRITE File Write Function

Section: Input/Ouput Functions


Writes an array to a given file handle as a block of binary (raw) data. The general use of the function is
  n = fwrite(handle,A)

The handle argument must be a valid value returned by the fopen function, and accessable for writing. The array A is written to the file a column at a time. The form of the output data depends on (and is inferred from) the precision of the array A. If the write fails (because we ran out of disk space, etc.) then an error is returned. The output n indicates the number of elements successfully written. Note that unlike MATLAB, FreeMat 4 does not default to uint8 for writing arrays to files. Alternately, the type of the data to be written to the file can be specified with the syntax

  n = fwrite(handle,A,type)

where type is one of the following legal values:


Heres an example of writing an array of 512 x 512 Gaussian-distributed float random variables, and then writing them to a file called test.dat.
--> A = float(randn(512));
--> fp = fopen('test.dat','w');
--> fwrite(fp,A,'single');
--> fclose(fp);