FGETLINE Read a String from a File

Section: Input/Ouput Functions


Reads a string from a file. The general syntax for its use is
  s = fgetline(handle)

This function reads characters from the file handle into a string array s until it encounters the end of the file or a newline. The newline, if any, is retained in the output string. If the file is at its end, (i.e., that feof would return true on this handle), fgetline returns an empty string.


First we write a couple of strings to a test file.
--> fp = fopen('testtext','w');
--> fprintf(fp,'String 1\n');
--> fprintf(fp,'String 2\n');
--> fclose(fp);

Next, we read then back.

--> fp = fopen('testtext','r')

fp = 

--> fgetline(fp)

ans = 
String 1

--> fgetline(fp)

ans = 
String 2

--> fclose(fp);