PRINT Print a Figure To A File

Section: Handle-Based Graphics


This function ``prints'' the currently active fig to a file. The generic syntax for its use is

or, alternately,

  print filename

where filename is the (string) filename of the destined file. The current fig is then saved to the output file using a format that is determined by the extension of the filename. The exact output formats may vary on different platforms, but generally speaking, the following extensions should be supported cross-platform:

Postscript (PS, EPS) is supported on non-Mac-OSX Unix only. Note that only the fig is printed, not the window displaying the fig. If you want something like that (essentially a window-capture) use a seperate utility or your operating system's built in screen capture ability.


Here is a simple example of how the figures in this manual are generated.
--> x = linspace(-1,1);
--> y = cos(5*pi*x);
--> plot(x,y,'r-');
--> print('printfig1.jpg')
--> print('printfig1.png')

which creates two plots printfig1.png, which is a Portable Net Graphics file, and printfig1.jpg which is a JPEG file.