CLIM Adjust Color limits of plot

Section: Handle-Based Graphics


There are several ways to use clim to adjust the color limits of a plot. The various syntaxes are

The first form (without arguments), returns a 2-vector containing the current limits. The second form sets the limits on the plot to [lo,hi]. The third and fourth form set the mode for the limit to auto and manual respectively. In auto mode, FreeMat chooses the range for the axis automatically. The clim('mode') form returns the current mode for the axis (either 'auto' or 'manual'). Switching to manual mode does not change the limits, it simply allows you to modify them (and disables the automatic adjustment of the limits as more objects are added to the plot). Also, if you specify a set of limits explicitly, the mode is set to manual Finally, you can specify the handle of an axis to manipulate instead of using the current one.


Here is an example of using clim to change the effective window and level onto an image. First, the image with default limits
--> x = repmat(linspace(-1,1),[100,1]); y = x';
--> z = exp(-x.^2-y.^2);
--> image(z);
--> min(z(:))

ans = 

--> max(z(:))

ans = 

which results in

Next, we change the colorscale of the image using the clim function

--> image(z);
--> clim([0,0.2]);

which results in