GLASSEMBLY Create a GL Assembly

Section: OpenGL Models


Define a GL Assembly. A GL Assembly consists of one or more GL Nodes or GL Assemblies that are placed relative to the coordinate system of the assembly. For example, if we have glnode definitions for 'bread' and 'cheese', then a glassembly of sandwich would consist of placements of two 'bread' nodes with a 'cheese' node in between. Furthermore, a 'lunch' assembly could consist of a 'sandwich' a 'chips' and 'soda'. Hopefully, you get the idea. The syntax for the glassembly command is

where part1 is the name of the first part, and could be either a glnode or itself be another glassembly. Here transform1 is the 4 x 4 matrix that transforms the part into the local reference coordinate system. WARNING!! Currently FreeMat does not detect or gracefully handle self-referential assemblies (i.e, if you try to make a sandwich contain a sandwich, which you can do by devious methods that I refuse to explain). Do not do this! You have been warned.