SCRIPT Script Files

Section: Functions and Scripts


A script is a sequence of FreeMat commands contained in a .m file. When the script is called (via the name of the file), the effect is the same as if the commands inside the script file were issued one at a time from the keyboard. Unlike function files (which have the same extension, but have a function declaration), script files share the same environment as their callers. Hence, assignments, etc, made inside a script are visible to the caller (which is not the case for functions.


Here is an example of a script that makes some simple assignments and printf statements.

a = 13;
printf('a is %d\n',a);
b = a + 32

If we execute the script and then look at the defined variables

--> tscript
a is 13

b = 

--> who
  Variable Name       Type   Flags             Size
              a    double                    [1 1]
            ans    double                    [0 0]
              b    double                    [1 1]

we see that a and b are defined appropriately.