ROOTPATH Set FreeMat Root Path

Section: FreeMat Functions


In order to function properly, FreeMat needs to know where to find the toolbox directory as well as the help directory. These directories are located on what is known as the root path. Normally, FreeMat should know where these directories are located. However under some circumstances (usually when FreeMat is installed into a non-default location), it may be necessary to indicate a different root path location, or to specify a particular one. Note that on the Mac OS platform, FreeMat is installed as a bundle, and will use the toolbox that is installed in the bundle regardless of the setting for rootpath. For Linux, FreeMat will typically use /usr/local/share/FreeMat-<Version>/ for the root path. Installations from source code will generally work, but binary installations (e.g., from an RPM) may need to have the rootpath set. The rootpath function has two forms. The first form takes no arguments and allows you to browse to the rootpath directory

The second form will set a rootpath directly from the command line


where path is the full path to where the toolbox and help directories are located. For example, rootpath('/usr/share/FreeMat-4.0'). Changes to rootpath are persistent (you do not need to run it every time you start FreeMat).