EVALIN Evaluate a String in Workspace

Section: FreeMat Functions


The evalin function is similar to the eval function, with an additional argument up front that indicates the workspace that the expressions are to be evaluated in. The various syntaxes for evalin are:
   x = evalin(workspace,expression)
   [x,y,z] = evalin(workspace,expression)
   x = evalin(workspace,try_clause,catch_clause)
   [x,y,z] = evalin(workspace,try_clause,catch_clause)

The argument workspace must be either 'caller' or 'base'. If it is 'caller', then the expression is evaluated in the caller's work space. That does not mean the caller of evalin, but the caller of the current function or script. On the other hand if the argument is 'base', then the expression is evaluated in the base work space. See eval for details on the use of each variation.