DIARY Create a Log File of Console

Section: FreeMat Functions


The diary function controls the creation of a log file that duplicates the text that would normally appear on the console. The simplest syntax for the command is simply:

which toggles the current state of the diary command. You can also explicitly set the state of the diary command via the syntax

   diary off


   diary on

To specify a filename for the log (other than the default of diary), you can use the form:

   diary filename



which activates the diary with an output filename of filename. Note that the diary command is thread specific, but that the output is appended to a given file. That means that if you call diary with the same filename on multiple threads, their outputs will be intermingled in the log file (just as on the console). Because the diary state is tied to individual threads, you cannot retrieve the current diary state using the get(0,'Diary') syntax from MATLAB. Instead, you must call the diary function with no inputs and one output:

   state = diary

which returns a logical 1 if the output of the current thread is currently going to a diary, and a logical 0 if not.