LOADLIB Load Library Function

Section: FreeMat External Interface


The loadlib function allows a function in an external library to be added to FreeMat dynamically. This interface is generally to be used as last resort, as the form of the function being called is assumed to match the internal implementation. In short, this is not the interface mechanism of choice. For all but very complicated functions, the import function is the preferred approach. Thus, only a very brief summary of it is presented here. The syntax for loadlib is
  loadlib(libfile, symbolname, functionname, nargin, nargout)

where libfile is the complete path to the library to use, symbolname is the name of the symbol in the library, functionname is the name of the function after it is imported into FreeMat (this is optional, it defaults to the symbolname), nargin is the number of input arguments (defaults to 0), and nargout is the number of output arguments (defaults to 0). If the number of (input or output) arguments is variable then set the corresponding argument to -1.