CONJ Conjugate Function

Section: Elementary Functions


Returns the complex conjugate of the input array for all elements. The general syntax for its use is
   y = conj(x)

where x is an n-dimensional array of numerical type. The output is the same numerical type as the input. The conj function does nothing to real and integer types.


The following demonstrates the complex conjugate applied to a complex scalar.
--> conj(3+4*i)

ans = 
   3.0000 -  4.0000i 

The conj function has no effect on real arguments:

--> conj([2,3,4])

ans = 
 2 3 4 

For a double-precision complex array,

--> conj([2.0+3.0*i,i])

ans = 
   2.0000 -  3.0000i   0.0000 -  1.0000i