DBAUTO Control Dbauto Functionality

Section: Debugging FreeMat Code


The dbauto functionality in FreeMat allows you to debug your FreeMat programs. When dbauto is on, then any error that occurs while the program is running causes FreeMat to stop execution at that point and return you to the command line (just as if you had placed a keyboard command there). You can then examine variables, modify them, and resume execution using return. Alternately, you can exit out of all running routines via a retall statement. Note that errors that occur inside of try/catch blocks do not (by design) cause auto breakpoints. The dbauto function toggles the dbauto state of FreeMat. The syntax for its use is

where state is either


to activate dbauto, or


to deactivate dbauto. Alternately, you can use FreeMat's string-syntax equivalence and enter

   dbauto on


   dbauto off

to turn dbauto on or off (respectively). Entering dbauto with no arguments returns the current state (either 'on' or 'off').