POLYDER Polynomial Coefficient Differentiation

Section: Optimization and Curve Fitting


The polyder function returns the polynomial coefficients resulting from differentiation of polynomial p. The syntax for its use is either
 pder = polyder(p)

for the derivitave of polynomial p, or

 convp1p2der = polyder(p1,p2)

for the derivitave of polynomial conv(p1,p2), or still

 [nder,dder] = polyder(n,d)

for the derivative of polynomial n/d (nder is the numerator and dder is the denominator). In all cases the polynomial coefficients are assumed to be in decreasing degree. Contributed by Paulo Xavier Candeias under GPL


Here are some examples of the use of polyder
--> polyder([2,3,4])

ans = 
 4 3 

--> polyder([2,3,4],7)

ans = 
 28 21 

--> [n,d] = polyder([2,3,4],5)
n = 
 -20 -15 

d =