FITFUN Fit a Function

Section: Optimization and Curve Fitting


Fits n (non-linear) functions of m variables using least squares and the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. The general syntax for its usage is
  [xopt,yopt] = fitfun(fcn,xinit,y,weights,tol,params...)

Where fcn is the name of the function to be fit, xinit is the initial guess for the solution (required), y is the right hand side, i.e., the vector y such that:

the output yopt is the function fcn evaluated at xopt. The vector weights must be the same size as y, and contains the relative weight to assign to an error in each output value. Generally, the ith weight should reflect your confidence in the ith measurement. The parameter tol is the tolerance used for convergence. The function fcn must return a vector of the same size as y, and params are passed to fcn after the argument x, i.e.,

Note that both x and y (and the output of the function) must all be real variables. Complex variables are not handled yet.