SUBSASGN Overloaded Class Assignment

Section: Object Oriented Programming


This method is called for expressions of the form
  a(b) = c, a{b} = c, a.b = c

and overloading the subsasgn method can allow you to define the meaning of these expressions for objects of class a. These expressions are mapped to a call of the form

  a = subsasgn(a,s,b)

where s is a structure array with two fields. The first field is

When multiple indexing experssions are combined together such as a(5).foo{:} = b, the s array contains the following entries
  s(1).type = '()'  s(1).subs = {5}
  s(2).type = '.'   s(2).subs = 'foo'
  s(3).type = '{}'  s(3).subs = ':'