CLASS Class Support Function

Section: Object Oriented Programming


There are several uses for the class function. The first version takes a single argument, and returns the class of that variable. The syntax for this form is
  classname = class(variable)

and it returns a string containing the name of the class for variable. The second form of the class function is used to construct an object of a specific type based on a structure which contains data elements for the class. The syntax for this version is

  classvar = class(template, classname, parent1, parent2,...)

This should be called inside the constructor for the class. The resulting class will be of the type classname, and will be derived from parent1, parent2, etc. The template argument should be a structure array that contains the members of the class. See the constructors help for some details on how to use the class function. Note that if the template argument is an empty structure matrix, then the resulting variable has no fields beyond those inherited from the parent classes.