SUBSREF Array Dereferencing

Section: Array Generation and Manipulations


This function can be used to index into basic array types (or structures). It provides a functional interface to execute complex indexing expressions such as a.b(3){5} at run time (i.e. while executing a script or a function) without resorting to using eval. Note that this function should be overloaded for use with user defined classes, and that it cannot be overloaeded for base types. The basic syntax of the function is:
   b = subsref(a,s)

where s is a structure array with two fields. The first field is

When multiple indexing experssions are combined together such as b = a(5).foo{:}, the s array should contain the following entries
  s(1).type = '()'  s(1).subs = {5}
  s(2).type = '.'   s(2).subs = 'foo'
  s(3).type = '{}'  s(3).subs = ':'